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Mega Man: Fully Charged -video night 28.10. 5PM @ Kerhis

In the year 20XX, an animated television series is bent on filling Kerhis with people!!

And the hero of this series is…

Mega Man!?

The Academic Nintendo Club will be watching the 2018 animated series “Mega Man: Fully Charged” with the original English dub at Kerhis.

The event is free and open for everyone, so feel free to join the fun! You can also bring your own drinks and snacks. Welcome!

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E3/Godfather Showcase with ANC 9. – 11.6.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo will be held once again. New trailers from the biggest developers will be shown. And the Academic Nintendo Club is going to watch them all! Turku Game Hub has provided us with the perfect venue for watching all the press conferences of E3.

Since our current chairman happens to have his birthday at the same time, we will start the event by watching director Francis Ford Coppola’s famous “The Godfather” movies. Why? well, maybe they’re the chairman’s favorite movies, or maybe there’s a deeper meaning. Nobody knows for certain.

Between the press conferences, we will continue playing Heavenly Sword on Playstation 3. Heavenly Sword will be streamed at

Please note that alcohol is not permitted in the event. The event is free and open to everyone.

The schedule of the event looks like this:

Sunday 9.6.:
– 12:00: The Godfather
– 15:30: The Godfather Part II
– 19:00: The Godfather Part III
– 23:00: Microsoft
Monday 10.6.:
– 3:30: Bethesda
– 5:00: Devolver Digital
– 23:0: Ubisoft
Tuesday 11.6.:
– 4:00: Square-Enix
– 19:00: Nintendo

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Angry Video Game Nerd marathon 5.11.

The Angry Video Game Nerd… He’s (still) the angriest gamer you’ve ever heard¹, and once again we’ll gather to watch his antics, this time in the Campus Chapel. And don’t worry if you missed the first marathon! Each episode is a self-standing review, where the Nerd typically tears into some of the game industry’s worst creations. In a very explicit style, too, so the most sensitive viewers might want to prepare with a pair of earplugs. And maybe a blindfold for some scenes, too.

The marathon starts in Publicum room 126 at 4 PM

¹Source: series intro song – ANC makes no claims as for the truthfulness of the statement

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pyramid head

Halloween movie night: Silent Hill 31.10.

Spoopy halloween to everyone! To honor the occasion, ANC and SHO will be watching the first Silent Hill movie, based on Konami’s popular game series by the same name. Prepare for creeping horror and scary geometrical head shapes, but thankfully in very friendly company, at least. The duration of the movie is ~2 hours, and the age rating is 16 years or older.

The movie night starts at Student Nation SHO’s hangout room next to terrakoti at 5PM.

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Odotetut E3-pelimessut ovat täällä taas. Isot pelitalot marssittavat taas edustajansa lavalle esittelemään ja hypettämään uutuuksiaan ja tulevaa tarjontaansa. Älä silti kyhjötä ruutusi edessä yksin, vaan tule Kerhiksellä järjestettävään messukatsomoon jännittämään ja kommentoimaan pressitilaisuuksia oikein porukalla. Ovet ovat auki aina, kun messuilta jotakin nähtävää on.


Lauantai 9.6.
Kello 21:00 – EA

Sunnuntai 10.6.
Kello 23:00 – Microsoft

Maanantai 11.6.
Kello 04:30 – Bethesda
Kello 20:00 – Square Enix
Kello 23:00 – Ubisoft

Tiistai 12.6.
Kello 01:00 – PC Gaming Show
Kello 01:30 – Splatoon 2 Maailmanmestaruus
Kello 04:00 – Sony
Kello 19:00 – Nintendo

The highly anticipated E3 gaming convention is here again, and major game developers are gathering to present and hype their new and upcoming offerings. Instead of squatting in front of your screen all by yourself, feel free to come and share the excitement and your thoughts on the press conferences with everyone at our E3-studio at Kerhis. The doors of Kerhis will be open whenever there’s something new to be seen at the convention.