This week’s events

This week has many ANC events, from a gaming night to the spring meeting.

Smash-weekly Tue 14.3. 17.00-22.00 Campus Chapel
This week’s smash league is on Tuesday instead! Don’t let the change in week day disorient you or otherwise the league points might slip between your fingers. Welcome!

Hangout Wed 15.3. 17.00-22.00 Terrakoti
This week’s hangout is in familiar fashion hosted in Terrakoti and also in a familiar manner you can expect gaming and other relaxed things to do. Welcome!

Gaming night Fri 17.3. 17.00-22.00 Turku-sali
March’s gaming night will be held on Friday! Welcome to play games or hang out!

Spring meeting Sun 19.3. 14.00 Campus Chapel
ANC’s spring meeting is in Campus Chapel at 14 o’clock, you can check the contents of this meeting from the spring meeting invitation email. Welcome!

Happening this week

With March right around the corner, there are new ANC events and hangouts to be had. Here are this week’s events.

Hangout Wed 1.3. 17.00 Terrakoti
This month’s first hangout is also held on the month’s first day! Welcome to play with others or spectate. Crash Bandicoot streams make their return too, you can check them out here.

Splatoon 3 netplay Thu 2.3. 18.00 Discord
Because of the new content update, Splatoon 3 online session will be held on discord yet again, feel free to join in on the action. You can participate on ANC’s discord server’s pelichatti-1 channel.

Smash-weekly Fri 3.3. 17.00 Campus chapel
Smash-weeklies continue on friday, you should join the competition and hone your skills. The event is open to people of all skill levels, and you can sign up on this link or in ANC’s discord’s smashliiga channel.

Valentine's Day

This week’s events

A very lovely Valentine’s Day for everyone! These event’s will be happening this week:

Hangout Wed 15.2. 17.00-22.00 Terrakoti

Another Wednesday, another hangout! Everyone’s warmly welcome to play and enjoy good company! There will also be another livestream on ANC’s twitch channel, now it’s time to play the original Crash Bandicoot! So if you can’t make it to the hangout, come and say hello on stream.

Smash-weekly Doubles edition Fri 17.2. 17.00-22.00 Campus Chapel

In honor of Valentine’s Day this week, the both tournaments will be held in doubles format! That means players will fight each other in teams of two and show who are the kings of teamwork! So take your friend, sibling or some rando from street with you and come to fight for tournament win or just to have fun. You can sign up in ANC’s discord’s smashliiga channel or from this link after it has been updated to right tournament. Your level of experience doesn’t matter, anybody is welcome to play in our tournaments. This weekly will also be streamed!


Events in February

It has already been a month since the beginning of the year, but there’s no shortage of ANCs events. Welcome to play and hang out in good company!

Smash-weekly Fri 10.2. 17.00 Campus Chapel

Mashing continues at the Chapel. It’s still not too late to start collecting league points for springs prize!

Hangout Wed 15.2. 17.00 Terrakoti

Another Wednesday, another hangout! Everyone’s warmly welcome!

Smash-weekly Doubles edition Fri 17.2. 17.00 Campus Chapel

In honor of Valentine’s day this week, the both tournaments will be held in doubles format! Take your friend, sibling or some rando from street with you and come show who is best at teamwork!

Smash-weekly Fri 24.2. 17.00 Campus Chapel

The last weekly of the month! Who’s got what it takes to win?

Gaming night Sat 25.2. 17.00 Turku-sali

This month’s gaming night will be held on Saturday, and address is good old Turku-sali. You are welcomed to race in Mario Kart or to enjoy the old classics, gaming night has got it all!

Note! Sunday’s Splatoon online sessions will be on break after January due to small amount of players. If people are interested, more can be held in the future.

Wrapping up 2022 with ANC

Here’s a list of the remaining events for the year:

Christmas party hangout and music quiz Wed 7.12. at 5 pm, Terrakoti
This hangout hosts the traditional ANC game music quiz. Our honorary member Paavo has once again collected a playlist of 15 of the world’s best pieces of video game music, and it’s up to us to find out what plays where and when. No great precision is needed for this quiz, but this year taking part with lowered difficulty is also possible, you’ll be given the choices and you’ll only have to put them in the right order. Since it’s also a Christmas party you can also look forward to some glogg and gingerbread. Welcome.

Smash-weekly Thu 8.12. at 5 pm, Turku-hall
There’s still a few weeklies left. This time is unusual, as the event will be in the Turku-hall. Come on and enjoy our SSBU and SSBM tournaments while you still can this year!

Splatoon-netplay Sun 11.12. at 4 pm, Discord
Keep calm and Splat on. The popular Splatoon netplay sessions take place on our Discord on channel pelichatti-1. Private battles and other modes like Salmon run are the name of the game.

Smash-weekly Thu 15.12. at 5 pm, Campus chapel
The weekly returns to the chapel. As the daily grind (hopefully) eases up, show up and test your skills at Smash against other semi-competitive players.

Splatoon-netplay Sun 18.12. at 4 pm, Discord
The last Splatoon of the year. Thanks to everyone who joined in and let the paintsplatting carry on next year!

Smash-weekly Tue 20.12. at 5 pm, Campus chapel
The last weekly of the season and the award ceremony for those that shone during the season. Showing up just for fun is also a good idea, since we’ll be trying to come up with something special to commemorate the end of the year.

Hangout Wed 21.12. at 5 pm, Terrakoti
This hangout will close the year for ANC. Thank you to everyone who showed up!

Finnish Championship of Nintendo 2022

The main event of the year, The Finnish Championship of Nintendo, 2022 edition is coming near! Like every year, attendees compete in different Nintendo consoles to see who really is the best.

The games are kept as a secret and you will find them out when the tournament begins, so no one can prepare for the tournament before hand; you can survive with experience on different kinds of games.

This year the format of the tournament will be the most asked and requested DOUBLES TOURNAMENT, so all you have to do is to find a friend, your significant other, or a stranger at the tournament to compete for the title of winner.

This event is free and open for everyone. Alcohol or other intoxicating substances are strictly banned from this event. You can sign up to the tournament till the day of the event!

Link to the event page:

November’s events

The twinkle of games and people brings light to even the darkest day. So come on to ANC to get these in this blackening autumn month.

Smash-weekly Thu 3.11. 5 pm Campus chapel
The last big tournament in Turku just finished, but there’s plenty more smash here for those seeking it. Toournament will be held of SSBM and SSBU, and just watching and hangoing out is also just fine.

Splatoon netplay Sun 6.11. 4 pm Discord
Splatoon 3 is well loved at ANC. The games take place on our Discord’s pelichatti-1 channels, and a whole bunch of modes will be played. Attendees need the console, the game, and an online subscription. More info about the event in our Discord!

Hangout and an introduction of the board Wed 9.11. 5 pm Terrakoti
ANC gets together to hang out and play games. Chill times abound. This time we’ll also be introducing the duties and workings of the club’s executive board to everyone interested in the community.

Smash-weekly Thu 10.11. 5 pm Campus chapel
The weekly smashing continues. Be you after a whole tournament win or just tight matches and a good time, then this is your place for finding that.

November’s gaming night Sun 13.11. 5 pm Turku-sali
At the gaming nights the general public gets to take a dive into ANC’s deep games library, which covers classics of the medium from the 90s to the present. Card, board, and group games are also likely to make an appearance. Don’t miss the fun.

Smash-weekly Thu 17.11. 5 pm Campus chapel
Weeklies continue.

Splatoon netplay Sun 20.11. 4 pm Discord
Paint blasting continues. Join in.

Smash-weekly Mon 21.11. 5 pm Campus chapel
The month’s end’s weeklies landed on Mondays. How nice that the “worst day of the week” now hosts something so enjoyable.

Annual fall meeting and a hangout Wed 23.11. 5 pm Terrakoti
Relaxed gaming at the hangout again. Since this will be the first hangout after the release of the latest Pokemon games, it’ll be a fantastic opportunity to show up with your own console and test out the game’s multiplayer features. At the same meetup the annual fall meeting of the club will also be held, so anyone and everyone interested in running ANC in the coming year should show up.

National championship of Nintendo Sat 26.11. 12 pm Osakuntasali
ANC’s main event for the year! For over ten years ANC has been organizing this championship for finding the best Nintendo player in the country. All participants will take each other on in a series of secret games until only the best remains. This year the teams of two will take part in the championship. More info about this event will be released soon on all of our channels.

Splatoon netplay Sun 27.11. 4 pm Discord
The last Splatoon of the month. Don’t miss it.

Smash-weekly Mon 28.11. 5 pm Campus chapel
The last weekly of the month.

Autumn mountain Paper Mario

Autumn is starting rapidly and there’s a lot happening at ANC!

September brings a whole slew of events. So there a lot of fun to be had gaming.

Smash-league Fri 2.9. 5 pm at Campus chapel
The popular Smash-league returns. Whether you show up to compete or just play, good times are practically guaranteed. Tournaments will be held of SSBU and SSBM, and the previously beloved amateur tournaments are also likely to make a return. Welcome!

Smash-league Tue 6.9. 5 pm at Campus chapel
The league continues. Welcome to all new and old smashers. The league will indeed have prizes, come December.

Terrakoti open doors day Mon 12.9. 1 pm at Terrakoti
Anyone can get familiar with Terrakoti on the open doors day. Naturally ANC will be representing.

Smash-league Tue 13.9. 5 pm at Campus chapel
The league continues. There’s no need to be afraid one bit. A close game is always a pleasure, be it video games or ice hockey.

Hangout Wed 14.9. 5 pm at Terrakoti
The hangouts are the backbone of ANC. Video and board games and some good company are abound. Welcome.

September gaming night Mon 19.9. 5 pm at Turku-hall
At the month’s gaming night ANC carries a big batch of games to Turku-hall. There’s sure to be some relaxed gaming and good company. See you there.

Smash-league Thu 22.9. 5 pm at Campus chapel
The league continues. Join the fray to stack some heads, or just to enjoy yourself.

Smash-league Tue 27.9. 5 pm at Campus chapel
The last league of the month. Certain fun with competitive party games.

Hangout Wed 28.9. 5 pm at Terrakoti
You’re welcome to join us for some gaming and good company.

Among these events, ANC will also be participating at at least the university opening carnival on 6.9. and the Turku book fair 30.9 – 2.10. Come meet us there and perhaps purchase some of our popular patches!

Speedy happenings in Turku!

This Sunday…

GOTTA GO FAST 3: ANC’s speedrunning event!
Speedrunners from Turku get together at Terrakoti to trash some games in a flash. You can join them on the spot or on ANC’s Twitch.

Timetable (approximate):

12:30-16:00 Zer0skar: Final Fantasy XIII-2
16:15-17:00 Blizzarska: Rayman M
17:15-18:15 Maunorr: Sly 1
18:30-19:00 Jasper: Super Mario 64 16 star run
19:15-20:15 Tipu: Hollow Knight

Super Mario Sunshine

Events in May

Smash-league Thu 19.5. 5 pm Campus chapel
The league draws closer to its end, but you can still make it to these semi-competitive gaming nights.

Smash-league Mon 23.5. 5 pm Campus chapel
The smashing continues. Welcome to new and old button mashers.

Mega Man-hangout Wed 25.5. 5 pm Terrakoti
In this hangout, our chairman Arska attemps to beat an entire Mega Man game in a single sitting. The attempt can be followed on ANC’s Twitch channel. On the spot you can also find company and video and board games.

May gaming night Sat 28.5. 5 pm Turku-sali
In these gaming nights ANC brings out its vast game collection for the world to enjoy. If you’re interested in ie. playing the classic Mario Bros. 3 on original hardware, be there.

Smash-league 30.5. 5 pm Campus chapel
The last league of the season finishes the spring on ANC’s part. We have plans for the summer and at least the biweekly hangout will continue.

Have a wonderful summer!