November’s events

The twinkle of games and people brings light to even the darkest day. So come on to ANC to get these in this blackening autumn month.

Smash-weekly Thu 3.11. 5 pm Campus chapel
The last big tournament in Turku just finished, but there’s plenty more smash here for those seeking it. Toournament will be held of SSBM and SSBU, and just watching and hangoing out is also just fine.

Splatoon netplay Sun 6.11. 4 pm Discord
Splatoon 3 is well loved at ANC. The games take place on our Discord’s pelichatti-1 channels, and a whole bunch of modes will be played. Attendees need the console, the game, and an online subscription. More info about the event in our Discord!

Hangout and an introduction of the board Wed 9.11. 5 pm Terrakoti
ANC gets together to hang out and play games. Chill times abound. This time we’ll also be introducing the duties and workings of the club’s executive board to everyone interested in the community.

Smash-weekly Thu 10.11. 5 pm Campus chapel
The weekly smashing continues. Be you after a whole tournament win or just tight matches and a good time, then this is your place for finding that.

November’s gaming night Sun 13.11. 5 pm Turku-sali
At the gaming nights the general public gets to take a dive into ANC’s deep games library, which covers classics of the medium from the 90s to the present. Card, board, and group games are also likely to make an appearance. Don’t miss the fun.

Smash-weekly Thu 17.11. 5 pm Campus chapel
Weeklies continue.

Splatoon netplay Sun 20.11. 4 pm Discord
Paint blasting continues. Join in.

Smash-weekly Mon 21.11. 5 pm Campus chapel
The month’s end’s weeklies landed on Mondays. How nice that the “worst day of the week” now hosts something so enjoyable.

Annual fall meeting and a hangout Wed 23.11. 5 pm Terrakoti
Relaxed gaming at the hangout again. Since this will be the first hangout after the release of the latest Pokemon games, it’ll be a fantastic opportunity to show up with your own console and test out the game’s multiplayer features. At the same meetup the annual fall meeting of the club will also be held, so anyone and everyone interested in running ANC in the coming year should show up.

National championship of Nintendo Sat 26.11. 12 pm Osakuntasali
ANC’s main event for the year! For over ten years ANC has been organizing this championship for finding the best Nintendo player in the country. All participants will take each other on in a series of secret games until only the best remains. This year the teams of two will take part in the championship. More info about this event will be released soon on all of our channels.

Splatoon netplay Sun 27.11. 4 pm Discord
The last Splatoon of the month. Don’t miss it.

Smash-weekly Mon 28.11. 5 pm Campus chapel
The last weekly of the month.

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