Autumn mountain Paper Mario

Autumn is starting rapidly and there’s a lot happening at ANC!

September brings a whole slew of events. So there a lot of fun to be had gaming.

Smash-league Fri 2.9. 5 pm at Campus chapel
The popular Smash-league returns. Whether you show up to compete or just play, good times are practically guaranteed. Tournaments will be held of SSBU and SSBM, and the previously beloved amateur tournaments are also likely to make a return. Welcome!

Smash-league Tue 6.9. 5 pm at Campus chapel
The league continues. Welcome to all new and old smashers. The league will indeed have prizes, come December.

Terrakoti open doors day Mon 12.9. 1 pm at Terrakoti
Anyone can get familiar with Terrakoti on the open doors day. Naturally ANC will be representing.

Smash-league Tue 13.9. 5 pm at Campus chapel
The league continues. There’s no need to be afraid one bit. A close game is always a pleasure, be it video games or ice hockey.

Hangout Wed 14.9. 5 pm at Terrakoti
The hangouts are the backbone of ANC. Video and board games and some good company are abound. Welcome.

September gaming night Mon 19.9. 5 pm at Turku-hall
At the month’s gaming night ANC carries a big batch of games to Turku-hall. There’s sure to be some relaxed gaming and good company. See you there.

Smash-league Thu 22.9. 5 pm at Campus chapel
The league continues. Join the fray to stack some heads, or just to enjoy yourself.

Smash-league Tue 27.9. 5 pm at Campus chapel
The last league of the month. Certain fun with competitive party games.

Hangout Wed 28.9. 5 pm at Terrakoti
You’re welcome to join us for some gaming and good company.

Among these events, ANC will also be participating at at least the university opening carnival on 6.9. and the Turku book fair 30.9 – 2.10. Come meet us there and perhaps purchase some of our popular patches!

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