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Events in March

Hello everyone.

March has started swimmingly for ANC. Let’s keep it up.

Smash-league Tue 15.3. 17.00 Campus chapel
The scored tournamment series of the spring finally starts! Every participant earns points according to their placement and there’lll be prizes come summer. Participating for just the good times is naturally also allowed.

Animal Crossing-hangout Wed 16.3. Terrakoti
This hangout is Animal Crossing themed. Welcome all critter junctioners. Other games and chill times are also abound.

Smash-league Thu 24.3. 17.00 Campus chapel
More smashing. The leagues occasionally host special amateur tournaments, so showing up is encouraged even if you’re not yet that confident in your skills.

Hangout Wed 30.3. 17.00 Terrakoti
A solid basic hangout: gaming and chilling.

Smash-league Thu 31.3. 17.00 Turku-sali
We can squeeze one more Smash-league into March. Welcome!

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