October gaming night #2 tuesday 20.10. at 5 PM in Turku-sali

What is better than one gaming night in month? Of course when there is second gaming night in month!

The Academic Nintendo Club will bring lots of different old and new consoles to Turku-sali for people to freely play. Participants can also bring their own video games, board games or card games.

Due university corona regulations we keep book for every people participating with contact info, the list will be stored for two weeks.

Ps. Here’s some advices for people arriving to game night:
– Wash your hands when arriving or leaving. Handle games, controllers and consoles always with washed hands.
– Keep safe distance to others and don’t block the lanes.
– Use your own controller or borrow clean controller from the club.
– In case all controllers of the console has been in use, use your consideration while keeping good hand hygiene to play with controller not used anymore. Wash your hands after using or use gloves.

The game night is free and open for everyone, no matter if you’re freshman, regular or just taking a break for some reason or another. Welcome!

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