The Finnish championship of academic Nintendo gaming 16.11.2019 @ Student House B

The Finnish championship of academic Nintendo gaming is here again! Come test your skills and fight for the championship title in this highly challenging tournament!

This time, the venue for the championship will be Student house B, more specifically osakuntasali and Terrakoti. There’s no fee for attending or taking part, so you should by all means drop by to compete, spectate or just enjoy the atmosphere. You can also come to freely play our many games.

This time, the tournament will be played in pairs. If you don’t have a partner to play with, you can still try to find one at the venue.

The venue opens at 13:00, so you can come well before the preliminary games, which begin at 14:00. The preliminary games consist of three games, and the 16 pairs with the highest scores will advance to the single-elimination brackets, which have a different game for every round. The tournament is expected to finish between 19:00 and 21:00. The tournament games will only be revealed as the tournament progresses, but they will all be played on Nintendo consoles.

You can sign up for the tournament upon arrival. However, since the competition only has room for 64 contestants (32 pairs), it’s better to sign up in advance in the tournament’s page

The tournament is free and open for everyone. Please note that alcohol and tobacco are not allowed in the tournament. Welcome to the tournament, and good luck!

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