E3/Godfather Showcase with ANC 9. – 11.6.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo will be held once again. New trailers from the biggest developers will be shown. And the Academic Nintendo Club is going to watch them all! Turku Game Hub has provided us with the perfect venue for watching all the press conferences of E3.

Since our current chairman happens to have his birthday at the same time, we will start the event by watching director Francis Ford Coppola’s famous “The Godfather” movies. Why? well, maybe they’re the chairman’s favorite movies, or maybe there’s a deeper meaning. Nobody knows for certain.

Between the press conferences, we will continue playing Heavenly Sword on Playstation 3. Heavenly Sword will be streamed at http://twitch.tv/academicnintendoclub

Please note that alcohol is not permitted in the event. The event is free and open to everyone.

The schedule of the event looks like this:

Sunday 9.6.:
– 12:00: The Godfather
– 15:30: The Godfather Part II
– 19:00: The Godfather Part III
– 23:00: Microsoft
Monday 10.6.:
– 3:30: Bethesda
– 5:00: Devolver Digital
– 23:0: Ubisoft
Tuesday 11.6.:
– 4:00: Square-Enix
– 19:00: Nintendo

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